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I was referred to Osteopathic Healthcare by a trusted friend back in September of 2020 after my family lost our home and all of our belongings in the tragic fires. My son and I literally had to flee for our lives. With no warning, we drove away with flames surrounding us. This was such a terrifying experience and had a deep impact on our wellbeing. It was a saving grace for me when I started working with Dr. Caron. When I first met Dr. Caron, I was in constant anxiety and panic, unable to sleep and could barely even function. I was consumed by the terror I had experienced. She was so attentive, understanding and compassionate toward my own needs that I was able to feel safe in her care. I felt so much more in my body and a deeper sense of peace after each treatment. One of the many aspects that I so very much appreciate about Dr. Caron's approach, is that she brings all of her knowledge and experience but I always feel like we are a team working together. I also want to share that my 10-year-old son is always so excited to see Dr. Caron! She has helped him to move through his challenges from the experience as well. I have and do recommend Osteopathic Healthcare to anyone that is looking for wholistic providers that have the true sense of their patient's needs and wellbeing at heart.  


I am a patient of Dr. Caron. Dr. Caron to me is a prayer answered. I had been struggling thru years of visits to several doctors and never finding one who was compassionate and caring enough to figure out, listen, give me hope, and actually make me look forward to my next visit. Dr. Caron is that prayer answered. Dr. Caron has helped me tremendously, physically and emotionally. I finally have a doctor who will explain what is going on with even the most minor detail. Dr. Caron spends as much time as I need so that I can leave knowing "I have been taken care of" Dr. Caron has given me well being and I am grateful. Osteo Healthcare additionally has a wonderful front desk receptionist, she is marvelous, she makes you feel so welcome and comfortable.


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