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Alameda Fire Clinic

Dr. Caron, a resident of Talent are deeply grateful to have had the ability to support our community after the devastating Alameda Fire, September 8, 2020. 


Moved by the suffering we saw in the community, we were inspired to our use medical skills to help in what ever way we could, and to offer free clinics every Friday afternoon for the months of October through December, 2020. 


It was a truly inspiring experience for us seeing families from the burned neighborhoods greet each other for the first time after the fires and share their experiences. Our large waiting room served as a type of playground for the children to reconnect with their friends during these tough times.


Although the fire burned right up to our clinic, affecting the windows and roof and burning the paint off the concrete walls, the building miraculously survived. With the exception of the bee pollinator garden, the clinic’s entire landscaping was burned.    


The newly landscaped garden will be dedicated to those who lost their lives and homes in the fires and a tribute to the “Talent Strong” movement.  We continue to support the patients who suffered losses in the fire with an ability-to-pay fee schedule.


It is deeply rewarding to see our community recover from this disaster. We are with the community in this recovery process and are proud to be a part of, and to serve, the Rogue Valley and beyond. 

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