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As General Osteopathic physicians, we treat all ages with many different presenting symptoms.  What we have experience in and treat frequently are:

Emergency/After Hours


A two business day notice is required to cancel an appointment. This allows us the opportunity to call other patients who may be in need of our services.


If a cancellation occurs less than two business days before the scheduled appointment, or a patient does not show up to a scheduled appointment, the patient may be charged the price of the office visit.


Not receiving a courtesy reminder from our office for an appointment does not constitute cancellation of an appointment. Please contact our office if you are unsure of your next appointment date or time. Do not rely on the reminders. Missing an appointment because you have not received an appointment reminder is considered a no show. 


No Show Policy: 

If a patient does not show up to an appointment, our office may charge the price of the office visit to your account. 


Pain issues including back pain. Spinal stenosis. Lung issues including COPD. Heart issues such as atrial Fibrillation. Vision and dental issues including TMJ/TMD. Insomnia

Pregnant mothers

Position of fetus in uterine, example breech presentation pre part un, GERD and back pain in expecting mothers. Leg swelling, Pre-partum issues in concert with the obstetrician. Post-partum hormonal issues and pain. Brest feeding issues.


Developmental disorders, strabismus and eye disorders, asthma, scoliosis, knee pain, feet issues including flat feet and pain issues. Dental occlusion and pain related to orthodonture devices. Jaw, neck and shoulder pain. Vision issues.

For new patients, please print and fill out the following patient information: HIPAA Form, MEDICARE OPT OUT Form, Cancellation and No show policy Form and bring these with you to your first appointment.

conditions we treat

Other Conditions

Hypertension and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid and psoriatic arteries.

Patients are welcome to call their physicians to discuss their case and to see if Osteopathic Medicine is a right fit for them at no charge.

If you are having a life-threatening emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

A life threatening medical emergency is any situation which endangers life or limb, involves uncontrolled bleeding, loss of consciousness or cannot be delayed without serious effects on your health.

For other urgent, but non-life threatening conditions, such as bone fractures and cuts, go to an UrgentCare clinic.

Our fee schedule:

Osteopathic Healthcare is dedicated to serving the community. In doing so, we treat all ages and people from different backgrounds. In this day and age, many people have high deductibles and sometimes no health insurance. Our goal is to serve as many people in the community as possible. We have decided to lower our office costs as much as possible to make our services more accessible. Thus, we have decided not to take any health insurance, which included Medicare. By doing so, we do not have to hire a back-office staff to process insurance claims. In this way we can pass on the savings to the patients.

CancelLation Policy:




Cancellation and No Show Policy


Medicare Opt Out Form


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